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Free To Be Me

A 6 week personal transformation journey, that will help you be happier within, more confident, socially more comfortable. And simply enjoy all social situations a LOT more.

If you suffer from social anxiety, trouble delivering talks for work or just not confident in your self this course is for you!

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Wellness Mindset Mastery

What would life be like if you could change your mindset and way of life?

12 Week Journey full of Insights, exercises and a whole new way of thinking.  

This is our most powerful course. A weekly module is delivered each week with bite sized videos, easy step by step instructions and a downloadable workbook to do alongside each module plus Support along the way.

Get Started today and Break Free in 12 weeks.


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Next Level Wellness

In Next Level Wellness, Dov does a live webinar every week and takes you on an adventure through the 6 Level of Wellness. This is more a course for those who have done previous courses or searching for that next level.

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Shlufy - Sleep Well and Easily

If you suffer from insomnia or your sleeping habits are out of whack. Then instead of walking around on autopilot and struggling to function optimally this course is for you.

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Inner Voice Mastery

Many people who suffer from anxiety have an Inner dialogue that holds them back, creates anxious thoughts and keeps them stuck. Learn how to turn this mind chatter off and turn it into your biggest supporter - inner cheerleader.

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How To Break Free From Anxiety

In this book, you will learn many techniques and strategies that will help you learn the mindset of what you need to do/think (and not do) to break free from anxiety.

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Wellness Words

How to think, speak and feel great.

This book will have a direct impact on the quality of your life. The happiest people in the world speak, think and say things differently to those who are sad, depressed, anxious, stressed and angry. By becoming aware of what you say and how you say it, you empower yourself. Wellness words gives you the tools to create powerful, lasting change.

Wellness Words is a very easy to digest book that you can pick up at any time and read just a small section or a whole chapter. It will leave you 'thinking', and also provide some tools so you can put it down feeling more empowered. 

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