Are you somebody who moves away from pain or someone who moves towards pleasure?

Are you someone who moves away from what you don't want in life and keep focusing on what you don't want...
are you someone who moves towards your goals and dreams?
If you're suffering from anxiety I can probably predict which one you do most often!!!
The reason why is, because I believe that most people in life do both moving away from pain and towards pleasure, however people with anxiety tend to have a bias. 
Can you work it out?
After working with hundreds and hundreds of people who suffer from anxiety it is almost always the people who are constantly focused on what they don't want, there are also other ones who tend to be consumed with anxiety.
There is a law of psychology that says you get more of what you reinforce.
So the more you focus on anxiety quite often the worse it gets.
This is also where people go wrong with certain other approaches when trying to help themselves with anxiety. They may go to a therapist, counsellor, breath-work clinic etc and focus constantly on the anxiety and find that it gets worse. 
For some people this approach allows things to get a little bit better (as they use a management strategy) but only for a short period of time and then it comes back. 
This is why with our first approach we help people to understand how to look at anxiety and start moving towards a better more compelling future. 
In fact in our 12 week online home study course that's where we START. Because it's so powerful. AND WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THIS, YOU WILL NEVER REALLY BE ABLE TO BREAK FREE FROM ANXIETY.
My suggestion to you right now is to think about in life what you are moving towards in life and what are you focusing on that you're moving away from. 
In regards to anxiety and how it's affecting your life... how much of your focus is trying to get rid of it and move away from it?

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