New Year - New You

Don't bring last year’s health problems and sickness into this new year.


New Year's Eve often brings with it ambitious resolutions and dreams for improving our health and/or quality of life. Many people make a great start to achieving this and some people will actually get magnificent results and turn their life around. But, sadly, most will remain stuck in old patterns.


As with so many things in life, the reason we remain stuck is because, very often, we don't take action or because we don't know what to do, or even how to shift out of our destructive patterns first.


There are so many people out there who are suffering with anxiety and depression and are at THAT point where they have HAD ENOUGH of living life this way. They have all the best intentions to make changes, and may even have lots of will power to make them. But then they look around at what they can actually do and there doesn’t seem to be that many options to help them make change, or they have already tried most of them in the past. All too often they have not worked, which leaves people feeling stuck once again.


Sometimes we feel we just need to learn to live with it, but this is very rarely the case. (PLEASE DON’T THINK THIS THOUGHT - IT CAN BE VERY DESTRUCTIVE)


I want to encourage you to make a decision this year to break free of your anxiety and/or to resolve your depression, so you can reclaim a life of greater health and happiness that you deserve. Make it one of your highest priorities for 2016. Think about it every day and take action every day; and, little by little, you will make progress. If you get knocked back 16 times try a 17th.

Expect it to be hard, but know it will be worthwhile. I think too many people expect change will be easy and when they find that it is difficult they give up, instead of driving deeper. What if the breakthrough just required that next little bit of effort?

And no matter how hard it is to make this change, it is not as hard as actually living with the anxiety or depression. That consumes so much effort and life.

I love helping people with anxiety and depression because when they break free they begin to access a life of more enjoyment. And when I first meet these people I see how much pain they are living in. But I look at them and I know that if they were to learn a few techniques, some strategies, and developed a new insight into how to take some different actions, their life would change; just the way it has for my other clients that have gone through the process of finding new lives unfolding.

I am writing this blog with one very specific intention, which is to inspire those who are at the point in their life of knowing that they need to make a change, and helping them getting to the point where they actually take action. I want them to do something new and to commit to a process of change. I also would like to remind you that if you want to make 2016 the year where you no longer have anxiety or depression, then please do whatever it takes to make this wish become your reality.

I really want to intensify the part within you that has a desire for something better, to be healthier, and for that desire to grow so intensely inside you that it moves you in a healthy direction.

Many clients tell me, when we first meet, that they had been following me for months or even years, and had been thinking about coming in to Inspiring Wellness (my clinic), but just keep putting it off. Often, they kept delaying things until it got so bad that they were forced to make a change.But you don't need to wait until things get to this stage before you can achieve this. An alternative strategy is to use a positive motivation, where the willpower for something better becomes so strong you take action because you want to.

So, as you finish reading this, take a moment to think about what you can do to intensify your desire and your hunger for a happier and healthier you.


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